Volunteer spirit

Volunteer spirit



Lee Valley Regional Park Authority’s annual volunteer of the year awards on 15 October come as optimism increases about a new culture of volunteering across the country following the end of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Since its inception, the Authority has been pioneering the use of volunteers. There are almost 350 volunteers at Lee Valley Regional Park who in 2011/12 contributed just under 30,000 hours, an increase of over 10,000 hours on the previous year.

Lee Valley volunteers are drawn from all ages and sections of the community who benefit from taking part in the diverse work of the park. They range from vulnerable young people with behavioural problems and learning difficulties, who it has been shown, benefit therapeutically from taking part in sport and nature activities, green fingered enthusiasts who get the chance to participate in a variety of horticultural activities, students looking to gain work experience in sport, leisure or nature and retired people pursuing their hobbies.

The Authority will be sharing its extensive experience in this area with a range of organisations keen to build on the volunteer spirit generated at the summer’s Games. It has already attended a number of open days aimed at giving the Olympic volunteers more information about how they can continue contributing to their communities in the post Games era.

The Authority is accredited with the Investing in Volunteers awards, the national standard presented to organisations that maintain quality volunteer management and procedures.

This year’s volunteer awards ceremony will take place at Myddelton House, headquarters of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.






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