Wild Place, Your Space

Wild Place Your Space

Wild Place, Your SpaceLee Valley Regional Park stretches through and is located close to some of the country’s most deprived areas and communities. Over the past two years, the Wild Place, Your Space project has reached out to around 30,000 people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them a chance to sample nature, enjoy the Park’s open spaces and get a taste of the great outdoors.

Residents from all of London’s 33 boroughs have taken part in a variety of activities. Working in partnership with the RSPB, the programme is  aimed at ethnic minority communities, people with disabilities, families from lower incomes and other deprived groups living across London and the south east.  One recent initiative involved giving refugee women from across the capital the chance to explore the Park’s waterways and take part in activities such as bird watching. The project is in its final year.


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