Lee Valley Regional Park Authority buys goods, works and services from a range of suppliers within the external market. Contracts vary from small one-off purchases to large works or service contracts. The Authority aims to provide as much information as possible to existing and potential suppliers.

Many organisations  want to sell their services and supplies to the Authority; the Authority has therefore put together these pages to assist suppliers and contractors who wish to supply Lee Valley Regional Park Authority with goods and services, by:

  • Outlining the rules that the Authority must follow;
  • Alerting companies to opportunities to supply the Authority;
  • Explaining how to tender for the Authority’s business;
  • Explaining what is expected of a potential supplier or contractor when undertaking work for the Authority.

Like all local authorities, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority has a duty to secure best value throughout service provision and delivery. The Authority is committed to the principles of best value and whole-life costing and will seek to contract with suppliers who are most able to demonstrate that same commitment. Identifying the best value provider is a procurement decision and clear, effective procurement processes are therefore central to implementing best value

The Authority has a Corporate Procurement Team responsible for developing the Authority’s procurement strategy, policy, good practice and procedures to drive best value for money procurement. The Authority aims to continuously improve its procurement methods, to enhance value from contracts and to minimise the administration costs of buying.

This web-page will be populated, over time, so that it can provide the Authority’s business partners and other interested parties with information and advice on the Authority’s procurement operation. Accordingly, please have a look from time to time to check on its progress. If you have any comments on their design, content or purely wish to contact us, please contact:-

Procurement Team,
Performance & Information Management,
Lee Valley Regional Park Authority
Myddelton House,
Bulls Cross,

Tel: 03000 030 615
Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number. This applies to calls from any type of line, including mobile.
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