As the Authority is growing, it is increasingly important for the Authority to develop a clear strategy for how resources are to be selected, acquired and managed. Even where services are currently provided in-house, a range of goods, works and services are procured externally in order to support service provision. The Authority therefore has 9 Strategic Objectives. They are:

  • Procurement must contribute to the realisation of the Authority’s Vision.
  • Best Value must be obtained.
  • Adopt sustainable procurement into all procurement processes and contracts.
  • All procurement projects must be led by a named individual who is accountable for the delivery of the contract.
  • Partnering will be examined as one of the preferred procurement strategies for all major projects.
  • There must be a successful transition to e-Procurement.
  • Consideration must be given to the impact on the economic wellbeing of the local area of procurement decisions.
  • The maximisation of the purchasing power of the Authority.
  • To reduce the overall cost of purchasing across the Authority.


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