BAP consultation

Consultation by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority on revised Lee Valley Biodiversity Action Plan

Deadline for comments midday on the 13th February 2018

The first Lee Valley Biodiversity Action Plan produced in 2000 provided a framework for biodiversity action for the Regional Park. This document has been reviewed and a revised Biodiversity Action Plan produced; your comments on this draft document are now being sought.

The overarching vision for the Plan is:

To work with partners and communities to create, restore and enhance the habitats of the Regional Park, providing access to and appreciation of this area.

This vision will be met through five key objectives:

  1. To create, restore and link characteristic ecological, hydrological and landscape features to form a fully integrated river floodplain corridor
  2.  To realise the full ecological potential of the Lee Valley Regional Park by maintaining and enhancing the present range of species, habitats and landscape features combined with extensive re-creation and expansion of key habitat types
  3.  To achieve a sustainable use of the natural resource      
  4. To achieve awareness and understanding of the biodiversity of the Lee Valley Regional Park and to encourage participation in its conservation

It is hoped that through the development of a Biodiversity Action Plan Partnership the valley’s key stakeholders will play an active role in the delivery of its targets. The Authority hopes to draw together key partners to develop the specific Species and Habitat Action Plans, producing SMART targets for delivery by the partnership.

The Authority now wishes to consult with riparian authorities, appropriate statutory bodies, partner organisations and interested parties. The Authority therefore welcomes your thoughts and comments on the draft plan which can be viewed via the link below. 

The deadline for comments is midday on the 13th February 2018.  This will enable all comments to be considered and any amendments made prior to discussion with Members and its formal adoption. Please send your comments to or:

Cath Patrick
Lee Valley Regional Park Authority
Myddelton House, Bulls Cross,
Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 9HG

Draft Lee Valley Biodiversity Action Plan


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