Park Development Framework (PDF)

Park Development Framework

Lee Valley Regional Park is known and recognised as one of the nation’s great parks; a place that offers a unique combination of activities, sights and experiences.

For over 40 years the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority has been working alongside many partner organisations to transform the post-industrial land along the River Lee into a place for leisure, recreation, sport and nature.

The Park is now a mosaic of award-winning open spaces, heritage sites, country parks, farms, golf courses, lakes and riverside trails, campsites, marinas, angling and boating locations. All of these attract more than 6 million visitors a year. In addition, the Park includes a number of new facilities delivered as part of the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. These facilities include the Lee Valley White Water Centre near Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, the Lee Valley Velodrome and VeloPark, and the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centres, all within the Olympic Park at Stratford.

Our Park Development Framework is a suite of documents that will collectively provide the blueprint for our future efforts: setting out what we want to achieve, how we plan to balance competing demands, and how we intend to make best use of the limited resources available.

We hope it will provide inspiration and focus for the future collective efforts of landowners within the Park, our partners, stakeholders and everyone with an interest in the Lee Valley and Lee Valley Regional Park.

The Authority is in the process of preparing a suite of documents, the Park Development Framework (PDF), which will establish our aspirations and specific proposals for the future use and development of the Regional Park. In July 2010, the Authority adopted the Vision, Strategic Aims and Principles followed by adoption of a series of Thematic Proposals in January 2011 which set out development and management proposals on a broad Park-wide thematic basis.

Area Proposals

The next stage is to translate the thematic proposals onto area based maps in line with Section 14 of the Lee Valley Regional Park Act 1966 (the Park Act) and provide specific proposals covering the whole Park. This will be a phased process with priority being given to areas where significant change within or adjacent to the Park is planned. Once it has been completed it is intended that these area proposals will completely replace the Part Two Proposals of the Park Plan 2000.   For the local planning authorities in whose boundaries the Regional Park lies the importance of these proposals is that once adopted by the Authority section 14(2) of the Park Act requires their inclusion in their Local Development Frameworks/Local Plans. Their inclusion does not however imply approval of the local planning authority although clearly it is hoped that by reason of this process there will not be fundamental objection to them.

Area 2 Proposals - The Three Marshes: Walthamstow, Leyton and Hackney

Area 2, the Lea Bridge Road area, extending between Coppermill Lane in the north and Ruckholt Road in the south is the first area to be considered in detail. The Authority carried out two consultations on detailed proposals for this area during Feb/March 2011 and again in July 2011.   The final proposals were adopted in October 2011 as  'Area 2 Proposals The Three Marshes: Walthamstow, Leyton and Hackney'.  This document is available to view below, a summary of the proposals is presented in an accompanying leaflet also available to view by clicking on the icon below.

Area 3, 4 and 5 Proposals - The Waterlands

Proposals for Areas 3, 4 and 5 The Waterlands were adopted in April 2013.  These collectively provide proposals for the Park from Coppermill Lane north to Rammey Marsh just south of the M25 motorway.  The three documents are available to view by clicking on the icons below.  A leaflet for each area providing a summary of the proposals is also available to view by clicking on the links below.


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