Lee Valley Regional Park Plan

Park Plan Summary
The Lee Valley Regional Park is Britain's first Regional Park and stretches for 26 miles along the River Lea from the River Thames in East London to Ware in Hertfordshire. Established by Parliament in 1967 the Regional Park was created to meet the recreation, leisure and nature conservation needs of London, Hertfordshire and Essex.
The Park Plan
The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority must prepare a Plan showing the future use and development of the Regional Park.
The current Lee Valley Regional Park Plan was adopted in April 2000 and consists of two parts:
Part One Strategic Policy Framework outlines the policies and objectives for the Regional Park, providing the strategic policy framework for its future use and development.
Part Two Proposals consists of the Park Plan consists of particular proposals for the future use and development of individual sites and areas that collectively form the totality of the Regional Park.
The following document sets out the proposals for the whole Park which has been divided into eight sections.
Each section is accompanied by a Proposals Map and these can be found by following the links below:
Vision For The 21st Century
A vision outlining a common purpose for the Regional Park has been developed and expresses desirable characteristics of the Regional Park. The Authority feels that this is a vision in which others can share. The objectives and policies of part one and the proposals of part two work towards achieving the vision.
  • To be a cohesive, sustainable and valued regional green lung.
  • To be an area of enhanced and protected natural biodiversity for the enjoyment of all.
  • To achieve full utilisation of the unique land and water assets of the Regional Park for specialist leisure and recreational facilities developed in accordance with principles of sustainability and design excellence.
  • To be an accessible and permeable, integrated visitor attraction to serve the region which will include local communities.

Part One of the Park Plan

The objectives and policies have been written for the Regional Park and not just for the Authority. Part One of the Park Plan has been through a procedure similar to that of a local plan. The views and ideas of visitors and organisations have been taken into account. The objectives and policies of Part One are based on a number of core values. These are:
  • The sustainability of the Regional Park's resources;
  • The accessibility and availability of the Regional Park's facilities, activities and open spaces to the region and different sections of the community;
  • The innovation and creativity with which the Regional Park is managed, facilities are provided and works are undertaken; and
  • The regionality and uniqueness of the Regional Park;
  • The quality and enjoyment of the recreation, leisure and nature conservation experience;
  • The effective use of resources to provide a high level of service and value for money.


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