Performance Management

The Authority uses a Performance Management Framework that is aligned to its 2010-20 Business Strategy to ensure that it achieves its objectives and is accountable and transparent.

The Authority is working towards its vision of the Lee Valley Regional Park being a World Class Leisure Destination.

The Authority's mission is to lead the delivery of a world class leisure destination and a regional educational resource through a range of private and public sector partnerships whilst maximising value for money for the taxpayers of London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

To ensure delivery of the 10 year Business Strategy and 3 year Business Plan, a Service Plan is developed each year that incorporates the work of all departments. This is aligned with the budget setting process, operational business planning and risk management to ensure an effectively planned, prioritised and efficiently resourced approach. Progress against all actions in the Service Plan is monitored quarterly.

This framework tracks performance through a set of relevant indicators that are monitored to see trends over time, and compares performance internally between business units, as well as externally where possible. Seven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been selected that track high level performance and give a headline indication of performance across the key areas of the organisation’s activities. These KPIs are:
  • - The Levy charged as a percentage of the maximum chargeable levy
  • - Service Plan Progress
  • - Customer Satisfaction
  • - Stakeholder Perception
  • - Carbon Emissions from Authority operations
  • - Progress of priorities from the 3 year Business Plan
  • - Number of users of the Regional Park
Lower level performance indicators include relevant National Indicators as used by Local Authorities, as well as scorecards for individual built facilities and open spaces.
The Authority uses performance management models that are widely adopted across the public and private sectors to develop and complement the framework, notably the EFQM excellence model and Balanced Scorecard. When deemed appropriate, the Authority has sought external validation of its performance through external accreditations; this has included successes in the 2008 and 2009 Southern England Excellence Awards.
Visitor Research
Underpinning the Customer Satisfaction and Usage KPIs, as well as other customer based indicators, is a programme of research. Usage is measured through the use of over 50 electronic counters across the Park at locations in built facilities and open spaces, including pedestrian and vehicle counters. Information about our visitors is gathered through proactive work including surveys carried out by a market research agency and through self completion surveys online and at sites, which gives us information on over 4,000 visits. Through these visitor tracking surveys, customers’ satisfaction with services and their expectations are researched, along with information regarding their profile e.g. demographics, where they live, how they travel to the park etc, allowing business decisions to be made based on customers’ actual perceptions and profiles.
Due to its remit and funding structure the Authority is focussed on attracting users from across the regional population, so closely tracks where visitors are from and aims to attract more from further afield. In addition to the 4,000 surveys above an analysis of visitor postcodes is ongoing to identify sites, activities and events that attract visitors from different areas.
To see how the Authority has performed view the reports below:


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