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The Authority has an annual grant budget which is awarded to sport projects that demonstrate their contribute to the development of Lee Valley Regional Park as a regional centre for sports development. This can range from supporting sports agencies within the region, to sports clubs and individual athlete support. Applicants must show that their activities meet the following:-
  • Assist in progress to high achievement producing winners and champions of the future
  • Show a commitment to a junior development programme
  • Have a pathway to excellence level sport
  • Link to a National Governing Body and using qualified coaches
  • Are committed to and operate within Equity and Child Protection principles
To apply for a grant please download an application form.
All decisions on funding are taken in line with the aims and objectives outlined in the sports policy 'Sports and Leisure for the Next 10 Years'.
Applications for support need to meet stipulated criteria to show how they contribute to the delivery of the Authority’s objectives, which includes the government’s wider objectives for sport.
The application process is simple:-
  1. Complete an application form. To ensure you do this effectively and that your application shows the added value that a grant will bring to your project, you are advised to discuss this with
  2. If the Authority agrees to fund your application, it will send you a formal agreement to sign. This will set out any specific conditions, for instance, the promotion of Authority support at suitable events.
  3. The funding / support will then be released.
  4. Once the funding comes to an end, the Authority will request a detailed report outlining how the funding was used and how it made a positive difference. This will be a key factor in future funding decisions.
For an informal discussion regarding the grant programme or for submitting the application forms please contact  Sports Development Officer
The Authority’s Sports Development programme can help you:
  • find places to play sport
  • source funding
  • raise your profile
  • help create networks
  • promote your activities
  • help deliver winners and champions of the future
  • help organise events
  • host events
  • increase participant numbers
Achievements of the sports development programme to date
Those who have recently benefited from the grant programme include:-
  • Stars of the Future programme for talented young golfers
  • Junior synchronised skating team at Lee Valley London Skating club
  • Hertfordshire Player Support Programme to benefit 170 talented athletes across sports
  • a talented young female golfer
  • Beaumont Diving Academy in Hertfordshire
  • Enfield and Haringey Athletics Club
  • A scheme to halt the drop out in Girls playing sport after leaving school in partnership with Proactive East London (based in Tower Hamlets)



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