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In partnership with Lee Valley Athletics Centre an extensive athletics development program has been established at this venue. Incorporating a pathway of sports opportunities from grass routes community activity through to elite athletics performance programmes, in addition to traditional track and field activity, a successful recreational running program has been created.

The Sports Development team work closely with Enfield and Haringey Athletics Club, England Athletics and various other partners to create the very successful Lea Valley Athletics Network. The main focus of this group is to enhance athletics development, building on some of the successful initiatives already in place with the constituent clubs and develop new initiatives to give the opportunity for coaches to develop.

An important element of the sports development program is to introduce new people to the sport, this is achieved primarily through community coaching sessions and school sports days. In addition there are vast numbers of clubs and groups who use this venue as a base for training.

Providing opportunities to low participating groups is an important element of the sports development program, this has been achieved through targeted activity being provided for people with disabilities and under represented groups.

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