Our strategy

Our strategy

Our Sport and Active Recreation Team has a 2019 - 2023 Strategy which outlines the direction for our team. The strategy has six strategic areas which have been developed with extensive national, regional and local insight. This ensures that the work of our team aligns with the priorities of Sport England, Public Health England and NHS England, as well as other regional partner objectives.

Strategic area one: Workforce
Ensure our workforce has the right skills to engage with our diverse population and is more representative of the regional community we serve.

Strategic area two: Widening access
Ensure all sections of our diverse regional community are given the opportunity to take part in sport and active recreation in the park, regardless of age, background or level of ability.

Strategic area three: Physical and mental wellbeing
Improve the wellbeing of our regional community through a range of sport and active recreation opportunities.

Strategic area four: Partnerships
Work with regional partners to develop sport and active recreation opportunities throughout the park attracting new and a wider range of diverse users to the park.

Strategic area five: World class venues and major events legacy
Through a range of engagement programmes, facilitate regional access to sporting venues and events across the park to fully maximise event legacy and thus attract diverse/new regional communities to the park.

Strategic area six: Continuous improvement
Enhance our work by measuring and evaluating impact of all programmes, using insight to plan for the future, offering excellent value for money and harnessing the power of technology.


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