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Park Development Framework Area Proposals

The Park Development Framework currently includes the adopted Vision, Strategic Aims and Principles (July 2010), and a series of Thematic Proposals (January 2011) setting out development and management proposals on a broad Park-wide thematic basis.

The next stage is to translate the thematic proposals onto area based maps in line with Section 14 of the Lee Valley Regional Park Act 1966 (the Park Act) and provide specific proposals covering the whole Park. This will be a phased process with priority being given to areas where significant change within or adjacent to the Park is planned. Once it has been completed it is intended that these area proposals will completely replace the Part Two Proposals of our current Park Plan 2000. In the interim where an area is updated it will specify which parts of the Park Plan 2000 it is replacing, the rest remaining in place.

Accordingly both the Park Plan 2000 and the PDF are relevant in terms of Section 14 (2) of the Park Act and are formal statements of the Authority’s position in respect of development within the Regional Park. The Park Development Framework will in time include proposals for all land within the Park, and will fully satisfy our duty to produce a plan of proposals as required under Section 14 of the Park Act.

For the local planning authorities in whose boundaries the Regional Park lies the importance of these proposals is that once adopted by the Authority section 14(2) of the Park Act requires their inclusion in their Local Development Frameworks. Their inclusion does not however imply approval of the local planning authority although clearly it is hoped that by reason of this process there will not be fundamental objection to them.

The Eight Areas

The Park has been divided into eight areas based on its current and potential visitor offer, the contribution that key resources such as open space, ecology and water make in creating leisure opportunities and the range of sporting and community activity that currently takes place within the Park. The potential impact on the Park of major new development and investment in infrastructure is also a key factor in the consideration of proposals especially where the riparian planning authorities and major landowners are promoting plans for change.

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