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2.1 Who are the ‘community’?

The Park is a resource for everyone who lives and works in the London, Hertfordshire and Essex region. It also attracts visitors from around the UK and internationally. This means that, ‘community’ should be interpreted in its broadest sense.

The Park’s community includes a broad range of interests, groups and individuals from across the region and beyond. This ranges from statutory governmental bodies, people who use the Park or venues within it, those with particular interest like sports or wildlife, and those who represent certain groups of users or people. Section 3.2 of this report sets out the groups and individuals that we will seek to involve in more detail.

This SCI outlines how all ‘stakeholders,’ that is anyone with a role or interest in the Park, or in a specific aspect of it, can be involved in developing the PDF.

2.2 Why involve the ‘community’ and other stakeholders?

The active engagement of stakeholders and the wider community is a vital part of the PDF process. We want to ensure that the final plan for the Park reflects the aspirations of our broad constituency across London, Hertfordshire and Essex and beyond.

Listening to and understanding the range of views, interests and opportunities presented by such a diverse region is key to developing robust proposals for the Park’s future. It will also enable us to integrate with and add value to plans and policies being developed by our partners, which affect the Park or to which we can make a contribution.

The Park is a great asset for the region and we would like to ensure as many people know about it as possible. The process of developing plans for the future of this park will genuinely excite and challenge everyone involved and encourage more people to come and use the Park and the range of facilities it offers.

2.3 Engagement challenges facing the Authority

We face a range of challenges with respect to engaging the community and other stakeholders in the preparation of the PDF.

The scale of consultation which is needed for a regional park is significant, both in terms of its breadth and longevity and the extent of resources we have to address this. There is a need to engage at various levels, ranging from national bodies through to local interest groups, often around very different issues. Many individuals and stakeholder groups across the London, Hertfordshire and Essex region currently have a low level of awareness about the park and why it is relevant to them.

We recognise these challenges and will endeavour to work with our partners to address them and to ensure that we deliver an engagement process which is as inclusive and representative as possible.

2.4 Our approach to engagement

The engagement programme set out in this SCI relates specifically to the development of the PDF. However, these activities sit within a broader, long-term framework for engagement of stakeholders and the wider community around the Park. We are currently developing an Engagement Strategy which will set out ways to ensure that those who are involved in this programme have the opportunity to remain in touch with the Park and contribute to its long-term development and management.

2.5 How do we define engagement?

We define community engagement as ‘Providing opportunities for people from across London, Hertfordshire and Essex to participate in, inform and support the activities of the Park’.

For the purpose of the SCI we will refer to the following types of engagement
(see Figure 2.). These definitions have been adapted from those used by the Local Authorities around the park.

Table 1: Definitions of engagement


Where a decision has been taken and consultation is not required


Where information is being sought to help to make a decision


Where views on a particular proposal will be taken into consideration when making a decision


Where input will be sought in the preparation or refinement of a proposal


Where we are taking a decision in collaboration with others interest in the future of the Regional Park. It also describes how you can find out about these opportunities and events, and what chances you will have to offer your views. If you have any questions after reading this document, you can contact us for further information, following the contact details at the back of this document.

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