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The Lee Valley Regional Park was created on the 1st January 1967, through an Act of Parliament: the Lee Valley Regional Park Act 1966 (the Act).

The Act also established the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and placed a duty on the Authority to develop, improve, preserve and manage the Park, either directly or through others.

It is also a statutory duty of the Park Authority to produce a plan of proposals for the future use and development of the Park. Our current plan of proposals is the Lee Valley Regional Park Plan, adopted in 2000. The PDF will in time include proposals for all land within the Park, and will fully satisfy our duty to produce a plan of proposals. Once complete the PDF will replace the Park Plan 2000.

However, the preparation and adoption of proposals for the entire area of the Park will take time. We will undertake a phased replacement of Park Plan 2000 proposals with PDF proposals as and when specific areas of the Park are reviewed and proposals agreed. Where proposals from the Park Plan 2000 remain relevant, these will be incorporated into the PDF.

We will use the completed PDF to fulfil a number of key functions:

Inspire others to share our vision for the Park

We want our aspirations for the future of the Park to be shared by all landowners and partners within the Park; we believe that, collectively, we can work towards delivering a truly world class venue.

Attract new investors and partners

The PDF will become the basis for our ongoing efforts to attract new investors and partners; those who recognise, support and want to be associated with the values we believe the Park can deliver and represent.

Assess new ideas and opportunities

The PDF sets out the aims and objectives that any new ideas and opportunities need to fulfil, as well as presenting the range of opportunities that have been identified for development.

Manage and develop our estate

The vision, aims, objectives and proposals set out in the PDF will provide the overarching framework for the ongoing management of our estate.

Provide planning authorities with proposals for the Park

Section 14 of the Park Act requires the Authority to prepare a plan setting out proposals for the future use and development of the Regional Park, and requires riparian planning authorities to include the relevant part of the plan within their own development plans. The full extract from this section of the Act is included in Appendix D.

Support our role of statutory planning consultee

Section 14 of the Park Act also requires local planning authorities to consult with the Authority on applications for planning permission which the Authority considers could affect the Park. The PDF will form the basis on which we will respond to such consultations in the future.

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