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Figure 1 also illustrates how the PDF is informed by the wider policy context and will inform the ongoing activities of the Authority and other landowners within the Park. The following section briefly describes the content of the various documents identified.

4.1 External Policy Context

We have developed the PDF to take account of the wider context of European and National legislation and the broad policy considerations established by national, regional and local policy and guidance. These include the Regional Spatial Strategy the East of England, the Spatial Development Plan for Greater London and the Local Development Frameworks of the riparian planning authorities.

Appendix B provides a schedule of the key external policy that has been considered in the preparation of the PDF.

4.2 Lee Valley Regional Park Activities

Business Strategy

The Authority’s Business Strategy sets out how we will help deliver our vision and aims for the future development and management of the Park over the next 10 years. It sets out how we will develop and manage our estate and activities, how we will continue to work with partners to develop the wider Park, and how we will continue to improve as an organisation.

Business Plan

The Authority’s Business Plan sets out where our priorities for the development and management of the Park lie. It provides a rolling three year programme identifying a range of specific projects and activities that we will undertake in order to deliver against each of the six strategic aims identified in the PDF.

Site Management Plans, Facility Business Plans, and Service Plans

We believe that the most effective way to implement the vision for the Park is through the day-to-day management and incremental development of our open spaces and facilities. All our facilities have Business Plans and most open spaces have Management Plans, all of which outline activities at site specific detail. We also prepare annual Service Plans that provide detailed direction for the activities of the organisation.

We will undertake a rolling programme of review and refinement to ensure all these plans fully integrate the vision, aims, objectives and proposals set out in the Framework. Also, and importantly, we will identify how and what each site is contributing to our vision for the Park. This will be illustrated through site-specific prioritisation of objectives (e.g. some sites will have sport objectives as a priority, others may have biodiversity or events or visitor facilities). These priorities will be summarised and integrated into the future Framework to help illustrate how the Park is providing multiple benefits.

4.3 Activities of Others

Local Authority Planning Policy

The Regional Park sits within the East of England and Greater London regions. Its boundary stretches across nine local planning authorities; known as the riparian planning authorities. These include six London Boroughs and three District Councils, within Hertfordshire and Essex. Each of these regional and local authorities is in the process of producing new development plans or reviewing existing strategies. The Authority engages with each authority in their plan making process to ensure the boundary and purpose of the Park is protected and enhanced and the duty of the Park Authority given recognition and support.

Development of the PDF to date has included engagement with local planning authorities, and this will continue as objectives and proposals are refined.

Partnership Projects

Partnership working is fundamental to the delivery of our vision for the Park. The PDF will provide the basis for a range of partnership projects in the future. These may include projects where we are the lead organisation and partners are assisting our delivery of projects. This may also include projects where other organisations take the lead role with the Authority providing assistance, or indeed projects in which we have little or no role.

In all projects within the Park, the PDF will provide a framework that will assist partners to identify opportunities and to define the scope and desired outputs of future development.

Other owners development and management

The PDF will provide a clear statement of our aspiration for the Park. It will be a valuable tool not only to explain to other landowners what we believe is important for the Park, but also to provide a framework for those landowners to assess and hopefully shape their future development and management decisions.

We will continue to build on existing partnerships with landowners and explore ways in which we can strengthen communication and cooperation between all landowners in the Park. We believe that by working collectively, we can maximise the value of the Park for both Park users and landowners.

We will continue to build on existing partnerships with landowners to explore ways in which we can collectively.

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