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Park Development Framework

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Table 2 – Schedule of Park development Framework Documents

Document Content

Adoption date

Park Development Framework Core Documents

Vision, Aims and Principles

Overarching strategic framework within which both objectives and proposals and the activities of the Authority will be delivered

July 2010

Objectives and Proposals

Objectives and proposals that will deliver our vision and aims for the Park, consisting of two related documents:


  1. Thematic proposals

Presentation of proposals for how the Park will contribute towards the delivery of our six strategic aims, i.e. Visitors, Sport and Recreation, Biodiversity, Community, Landscape and Heritage, Environment.

July 2011

  1. Area proposals

Presentation of proposals on the basis of where within the Park specific development and management activities are proposed. This will show where proposals in the Park Plan 2000 have been repealed and where they have been saved and carried forward into the PDF

Ongoing as resources allow

Park Development Framework Supporting Documents

Park Development Scheme

Structure, process and context of the PDF

July 2010

Statement of Community Engagement

How we will involve our stakeholders and the wider community in the preparation of the PDF. To be reviewed to reflect recent changes in process.

July 2010

Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment)

Assessment of the PDF to identify potential environmental, social and economic effects of proposals and policies

No formal adoption required

Habitats Regulations Screening Statement

Assessment of the PDF on the integrity of European protected conservation sites in or near the Park

No formal adoption required

Baseline Report

Report describing the existing resources within the Park and in the relevant context of the surrounding area

No formal adoption required

Other Policies, Strategies and Plans

Lee Valley Biodiversity Action Plan 2000

Objective, targets and actions for the conservation and enhancement of the Park’s biodiversity. Currently under review

June 2011

Sport and Leisure Policy 2002

Objectives, targets and actions for the Authority’s delivery of sport and leisure activities.

August 2002

Volunteers Strategy 2006

Objectives, targets and actions for the delivery of Volunteer activities in the Park. Currently under review.

September 2010

Branding and Identity Strategy

Comprehensive assessment and recommendations for delivery of brand and identity for both the Park and the Authority.

February 2011

Landscape Assessment and Strategic Landscape Vision 1996

Landscape character assessment and aims and objectives for protection and enhancement of the Park landscape. Requires comprehensive review, incorporating a Historic Environmental Characterisation.

As resources allow

Land Contamination Strategy and Action Plan

Assessment of sites with known risks of contamination and action plan for monitoring and mitigation of risk on those sites

December 2010

Access Management Plan

Need identified in the course of preparation of PDF. Scope of individual strategies and plans to be determined.
Additional strategies and plans may be identified.

As resources allow

Accommodation Strategy

Built Development (in the Park) Policy

Event Capacity Strategy

Learning Strategy

Lee Valley Park
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