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Park Development Framework

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A Park that is a high quality and regionally unique visitor destination

We want the Park to be a great destination. A special place to visit, somewhere people choose to come again and again because it provides experiences they cannot find anywhere else. We believe that to be a great destination, the Park needs more than just great activities, sights and experiences: it needs to be well known and recognised, easy and enjoyable to get to and move around, and accessible to people of all abilities.

Sport and Recreation

A Park that delivers a range of high quality opportunities for sport and recreation

The Park has been conceived and developed over the past 40 years to be a place for leisure, recreation and sport. These activities continue to be at the heart of what the Park is about. We want to ensure the Park is a place that offers exciting and varied experiences that attract, and are used by, as many people as possible - while at the same time ensuring that what is offered is of the highest quality.


A Park that delivers a high quality biodiversity resource for the region

The Park is a valuable biodiversity resource. Large areas of the Park are internationally designated and protected for their nature conservation value, while other sites within the Park have similar recognition and protection at a national, regional and local level. We want to continue to develop and manage the Park to be an even richer place for wildlife – a place where plants and animals can thrive, and where people can experience and enjoy the natural environment.


A Park that helps people improve their wellbeing

We want a Park which is first and foremost a place for people – a place where anyone and everyone is encouraged to visit and get active, creative, involved, meet others, learn new things or simply enjoy themselves. It is a place to develop happier and healthier individuals, and in turn happier and healthier communities. We believe the Park is a fantastic venue for all sorts of activities and events that will give people the reason and motivation to come and visit.

Landscape and Heritage

A Park landscape that embraces the physical, cultural and social heritage of the area

We want the Park to be a great landscape: a place that looks, sounds, smells and feels amazing. We want a Park landscape that reflects its river valley character, yet retains the distinctive personality of each local area. It should tell the unique story of the Lee Valley and communicate its rich and historic diversity.


A Park that contributes to the environmental sustainability of the region

The Park is home to many different activities that support modern urban life: drinking water supply, disposal of waste, production of food and energy, sand and gravel extraction, flood water storage, electricity pylons, waterways, roads and railways.

We want a Park that can provide and accommodate these important functions, while allowing people to use and enjoy the facilities on offer, supporting wildlife, and contributing to a sustainable future for all.

We also believe the Park will play an increasingly important role in helping to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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