Lee Valley Regional Park

Park Development Framework

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Why do we think it is important?

  • The Park has always, and will continue, to play an important role as a location for a range of urban infrastructure.
  • There is a universal need to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The Park has an important role to play by:
    • Managing increased flood risk
    • Conserving and enhancing scarce resources, in particular water resources
    • Offsetting urban heat island effects
    • Meeting the open space needs of a growing population
    • Make energy production, food production and waste management local
  • The Park has the potential to become a national model, showing how communities can be supported and sustained
    through effective management of open space, sport, leisure, recreation and nature conservation.

In this section:

Objective 6.1 – Water
Improve the management of water and enhance water quality
Objective 6.2 – Energy
Maximise the efficient use of energy and contribute towards sustainable energy production
Objective 6.3 – Production
A productive landscape
Objective 6.4 – Waste
Minimise waste generation and contribute towards sustainable waste management
Objective 6.5 – Land
Mitigate the impacts of past land uses and activities
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