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Park Development Framework

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Past Land Use

Where are we now?

History’s legacy to the Lee Valley is large areas of land in-filled with imported materials. This ranges from the reclaimed wetlands of the lower valley, the middle and lower marshlands filled with Word War II rubble, to the former gravel works of the upper valley. Most of these have been backfilled with a mix of domestic and industrial waste; work that is still ongoing today in small pockets of the Park.

Much of this historic activity was undertaken at a time of little, if any, regulation or control of waste materials. The result is that some areas of the Park contains underground material with various levels of contaminates. In most instances, this material poses minimal or non-existent risk, provided that management and activities on these sites is appropriate. There are however some sites within the park where levels and nature of contamination are currently unknown.

What do we want to achieve?

  • To have a comprehensive understanding of the ground materials within the Park, and the associated risks of movement of, and exposure to, contaminated materials.
  • To have appropriate development and management measures in place to mitigate any risks arising from contaminated land.

How will we deliver?

We will

  • Prepare a Contaminated Land Strategy and Action Plan, which will
    • Review our contaminated land holding
    • Undertake risk assessments
    • Prioritise areas for action
  • Undertake a programme of ground investigations and mitigation options appraisal.
  • Take appropriate steps to mitigate impacts and risks associated with contaminated land in our ownership (where a source-path-receptor chain is thought to be present).
  • In all instances seek external funding to assist

Working with others

We will

  • Work with partners to facilitate and coordinate joint initiatives to assess and mitigate impacts and risks associated with contaminated land, where such joint action is of mutual benefit.
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