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Where are we now?

Waste from the Park

We generate a variety of solid waste from our operations; this ranges from visitor litter, day-to-day business and land management waste, to animal effluent from Park farms.

Non Park waste management activities and operations

There are currently a small number of waste management operations and activities located within the Park, on land that is owned by others. The most significant site is the London Waste operated Ecopark at Edmonton. This is London’s largest waste processing site, and includes bulk recycling, composting, wood chipping, waste disposal as well as incinerator driven energy generation from its incinerators.

Other sites within the Park run smaller operations such as skip hire, waste recycling and processing plants. The industrial areas surrounding the Park also support a range of waste management operations and activities.

What do we want to achieve?

  • A Park in which the volume of waste generated is as small as possible.
  • Where as much as possible of that waste is reused, recycled or otherwise utilised as a future resource.
  • Our operations to be an example to other landowners in the Park, to encourage them to join us in a joint and collaborative effort to minimise waste generation.
  • To ensure that any potential and actual impacts of waste management activities and operations, are fully mitigated.

How will we deliver?

On our estate

We will

  • Develop a fully coordinated approach to the management of waste generated from our estate, facilities and operations. We will seek to:
    • Implement a zero waste to landfill operation.
    • Ensure comprehensive provision for recycling at all venues and open spaces.
    • Eliminate where possible sale or distribution of material that becomes waste (e.g. food packaging etc).
    • Produce focused marketing and promotions that highlight the Park’s zero waste operation.
    • Increase the use of recycled materials and products including materials used in construction, land and open space management and maintenance.

Working with others

We will

  • Work with other landowners within the Park to encourage them to explore opportunities to minimise waste generation, and reuse and recycle waste as a resource.
  • Continue to work with existing waste management site landowners and operators to:
    • Ensure that potential and actual impact of existing waste management activities and operations across the Park (e.g. landscape, route network, fauna and flora, sustainability etc) are mitigated wherever possible.
    • Resist development of further waste management activities and operations within the Park, except where impact on other uses and functions of the Park can be fully mitigated.

Waste management

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