Lee Valley Regional Park

Park Development Framework

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Why do we think it is important?

  • The landscapes of the Park provide a setting for every event and activity within the Park; it makes a key contribution to the quality of the visitor experience.
  • The landscape is one of the defining features of the Park; it is what helps make it unique.
  • The Park forms a valuable green ‘corridor’ through built-up urban areas, creating large zones of ‘natural’ landscape, that contributes to the East London Green Grid.
  • The landscape and views of the Park are of benefit not just to users, but also to people living and working nearby, as well as those traveling through.
  • Heritage assets, buildings and places, located throughout the Park are a reminder of its rich history and industrial heritage.

In this section:

Objective 5.1 – Landscape
An integrated Park character that celebrates local distinctiveness
Objective 5.2 – Heritage
Protect and celebrate the heritage of the Park
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