Lee Valley Regional Park

Park Development Framework

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Members and Staff

All Members and staff of the Authority have assisted in developing ideas and identifying priorities for the future of the Park.

Special thanks go to the members of the Park Development Framework Panel, who committed considerable time and effort to guiding the process and refining aspirations and proposals for the future.

  • Eileen Kinnear (Chair)
  • George Allen
  • Derrick Ashley (Chairman of the Authority)
  • Christine Boyd
  • Sidney Kallar
  • Joyce Ryan
  • Nigel Agar

Stakeholders and partners

Engaging with stakeholders and partners has been fundamental to the preparation of the Framework. Throughout the process over 500 individuals and organisations were invited to offer their views on the future development of the Park. More than 100 participants took up the offer to attend workshops, or to provide written comments on new proposals.

A full list of participants and the organisations they represented is provided below.

  • John Holban 5th Studio
  • Ben Witchalls BioRegional
  • Jeff Toser British Canoe Union
  • Ian Runeckles British Waterways
  • Mark Blackwell British Waterways
  • Leela O’Dea British Waterways Environmental Manager London
  • Elaine Stanley British Waterways Learning Services Officer
  • Jonathan Doe Broxbourne Borough Council
  • Chris Edwards CABE
  • Nicole Collomb CABE
  • Peter Neal CABE
  • Chris Baines CABE Enabler
  • Luke Engleback CABE Enabler
  • Ken Worpole CABE Enabler
  • John Foster Chair of LV BAP Steering Group
  • Matt Roberts City of London (Epping Forest)
  • Mark Brearley Design for London
  • Nick Birkbeck EA
  • Martin Paine East Herts District Council
  • Andrew Meddle East of England Regional Assembly
  • Ingrid Marques East of England Tourist Board
  • Linda Gaine ECC
  • Jo Baine English Heritage
  • Annie Hawkins Enjoy! Hertfordshire/Herts Chamber
  • Daniel Bicknell Environment Agency
  • Jim Seymour Environment Agency
  • Paula Wadsworth Environment Agency
  • Richard Copas Environment Agency
  • Sarah Scott Environment Agency
  • Ian White Epping Forest District Council
  • Hamish Barrell Essex County Council
  • Ron Melville Forestry Commission
  • Peter Sinclair Four Greens
  • Phil Mason Friends of Tottenham Marshes
  • Jane Carlsen GLA
  • John Archer GLA Environment Team
  • Mike Waite Greater London Authority BAP
  • Jim Smith Green Arc
  • Linnea Ranger Groundwork London
  • John Fuller Hertfordshire County Council
  • Catherine Davis Hertfordshire County Council Arts Officer
  • Tim Hill Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust
  • Peter Davidson Herts County Council
  • Simon Odell Herts County Council
  • Neil Homer LDA Design
  • Matthew Watts London 2012
  • Jane Berger London Borough of Enfield
  • Lauren Laviniere London Borough of Enfield
  • Steve Jaggard London Borough of Enfield
  • Talava Tuhipa-Turner London Borough of Enfield
  • Dennis Holmes London Borough of Hackney
  • Andrea Keeble London Borough of Haringey
  • Eveleen Riordan London Borough of Haringey
  • Ian Holt London Borough of Haringey
  • Sharon Leighton London Borough of Haringey
  • Leyla Laksari London Borough of Haringey Neighbourhood
  • Neil Isaac London Borough of Lambeth
  • Claire Victory London Borough of Newham
  • Irene Lu London Borough of Newham
  • Alice Van Sertima London Borough of Newham Visitor Economy
  • Manmohan Dayal London Borough of Tower Hamlets
  • Pauline Dunn London Borough of Tower Hamlets
  • Edwin O’Connell London Borough of Waltham Forest
  • Ken Bolland London Borough of Waltham Forest
  • Nick Burton London Borough of Waltham Forest
  • Anna Wollen London Parks Green Spaces Forum
  • Simon Crawford London Sports Forum for the Disabled People
  • David Sargent London Waste Ltd
  • Emily Brennan London Wildlife Trust
  • Renata Kowalik London Wildlife Trust
  • Julia Humphreys LTGDC
  • Eileen Kinnear LVRPA Member
  • Caroline Jenkins Marriot Waltham Abbey
  • Domanic Coath Natural England
  • Kate Mitchell Natural England
  • Pete Massini Natural England
  • Matthew Eames North London Pro Active PDM
  • Alison Dickens North London Strategic Alliance
  • Rose Jaijee North London Strategic Alliance
  • Clare Hennessey ODA
  • John Hopkins ODA
  • Camila Thrush Olympic Delivery Authority
  • David Considine Olympic Delivery Authority
  • Mark Newland-Smith Regen First
  • Carole Randall Renewables East
  • Tim Gill Rethinking Childhood
  • Jeff Mayes Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Caroline Harding Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Joan Childs RSPB
  • Martyn Foster RSPB
  • Paul Forecast RSPB
  • Tim Webb RSPB
  • Guy Malpas RYA Thames Valley Region
  • Conal Stewart Sport England East
  • Philip Raiswell Sport England East Region
  • Sara Redgewell Sustrans
  • Matt Winfield Sustrans
  • Kirsty Jones Thames Water
  • Mary Tebje TourEast London
  • John Lock University of East London
  • Lael Scheckter Visit London
  • Simon Evans Westminster City Council

CABE Space

CABE Space staff and enablers provided invaluable advice and assistance during the early stages of the process and were instrumental in shaping the approach and in facilitating early and effective stakeholder engagement. CABE Space staff and CABE enablers involved include:

  • Peter Neal
  • Nicole Collomb
  • Lucy Heath
  • Jonathon Smales
  • Helen Neve
  • Chris Baines
  • Ken Walpole
  • Luke Engleback
  • Marcus Kingswell


A number of consultant teams have assisted us throughout the process, including:

  • UEA Sustainability Appraisal Habitats Regulations Assessment
  • Beyond Green Engagement Strategy and Statement of Community Involvement
  • Geodata Baseline data (Regional context data)
  • Aquarius Design Scenario Summary Report publishing
  • Land Use Consultants Baseline data (Park specific data)
  • Carter Wong Communications Material
  • S80/80 Website construction
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