Lee Valley Regional Park

Park Development Framework

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Why do we think it is important?

  • The Park is first and foremost a place of enjoyment; a resource for people to use and take pleasure from.
    It is also an area that can deliver positive benefits to a diverse range of individuals and communities.
  • Such enhanced wellbeing can have encouraging results on individual, social and community behaviour:
    • reducing physical and mental problems
    • building stronger community relationships
    • reducing crime and anti-social behaviour
    • developing skills, knowledge and local pride.

In this section:

Objective 4.1 – Health
Facilitate people pursuing healthy lifestyles
Objective 4.2 – Arts
Provide opportunities to experience and participate in the arts
Objective 4.3 – Events
Support events that attract visitors from across the region
Objective 4.4 – Learning
Provide opportunities for learning
Objective 4.5 – Volunteering
Provide volunteering opportunities
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