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Park Development Framework

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Where are we now?

The benefits to community health associated with regular outdoor recreation are well recognised. Active use of open spaces, whether through sport, learning, or general use, is known to benefit health and well being, alleviate stress and psychological disorders, and improve the environmental quality of daily life.

Large parts of the surrounding community have high levels of deprivation, most notably to the south of the Park. The close proximity of the Park to these areas is of significant advantage. The Regional Park provides accessible open space for these communities, with facilities and venues that can help contribute to better health and wellbeing.

Recreational activities such as walking, cycling, running and play are possible throughout the Park, while specialist sports facilities such as ice skating, canoeing, horse riding and athletics are also available. Throughout the year a programme of community based events take place, from the 10km fun-run, to the elite sporting events provided at LVAC.

Boasting such facilities and events, the Park is a place for a diverse community to meet, have fun, get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle.

What do we want to achieve?

  • A range of programmes and activities to promote and encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.
  • To be supported by an infrastructure, facilities, events and open spaces that will attract regular use.

How will we deliver?

On our estate

We will

  • Ensure the features, facilities and programmes on offer encourage people to access a range of health benefits, including:
    • Sports and recreation opportunities – to enable people of all ages and abilities to take part in physical exercise.
    • Access to nature opportunities – to enable people to interact with and experience the natural world.
    • Landscape quality – to enable people to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the Park.
    • Arts, events, learning and volunteering opportunities.
    • Environmental quality – to help to mitigate health problems associated with pollution and global warming.

Working with others

We will

  • Work with partners to actively promote and encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyle choices by using the Park. We will achieve this by:
    • Establishing active partnerships with Primary Care Trusts and local authority partnerships, to promote the range of potential health benefits offered by the Park.
    • Developing active partnerships with a range of existing and future health initiatives and programmes, such as Walking the Way to Health and Walk to School recent proposals to utilise. waterways and water bodies as ‘blue gyms’ to help provide opportunities to improve people’s health and well-being.
  • Explore opportunities to strengthen the link between the Authority programmes and a healthy lifestyle. This will include:
    • Sports and recreation participation and development.
    • Events.
    • Volunteers.
    • Learning and skills.
  • Develop a targeted branding and marketing strategy for the Park to highlight the range of activities on offer and the resulting benefits to health.
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