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Where are we now?

The Park currently offers a range of opportunities for learning. There are currently four main areas of activity in the Park : -

1. Education programmes

Our Youth and Schools Service provide a range of environmental and heritage education programmes. These are designed to help meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, and are targeted at primary and secondary schools, as well as those with special needs.

Other education programmes are delivered through our Sports Development teams and more informal learning opportunities offered through guided walks, events, on site interpretation and information literature.

2. Partnerships with other educational institutions and organisations

A number of educational institutions and organisations currently work in partnership with us to deliver learning opportunities within the Park. These include various sports national governing bodies, the Countryside Foundation for Education, and the National Veterinary College.

3. Vocational training

We deliver a small range of vocational training opportunities through the facilities and open spaces within the Park.

4. Informal learning opportunities

The Park provides a range of interpretation signage as well as printed and web based information about the features and facilities on offer. These all have a broad focus on biodiversity and heritage.

What do we want to achieve?

  • We want learning to become an integral part of the Park experience.
  • To become a significant activity in its own right, one that encourages people to visit.
  • For the Park to become a venue for a wide range of learning opportunities.
  • To develop an appropriate infrastructure throughout the Park to support learning opportunities.
  • To enhance and expand our own learning programmes.
  • For other partners and organisations to make full use of the Park as a venue for learning.

How will we deliver?

On our estate

We will

  • Prepare a Learning Strategy that will identify the range of potential learning opportunities within the Park. This will provide the coordinated framework for the ongoing enhancement, development and marketing of learning in the Park.
  • Ensure appropriate venues and facilities for learning activities are developed.
  • Continue to expand and enhance our Youth and Schools Service. This will include:
    • Expanding our programme to encompass learning opportunities for all.
    • Targeting greater participation from across the region.
  • Continue to enhance accommodation opportunities within the Park, to support extended learning programmes and visits from across the region.
  • Continue to expand and enhance the range of vocational training opportunities.
  • Provide a high quality integrated network of information throughout Park.
  • Continue to develop published and web based information that will provide more comprehensive learning opportunities.
  • Identify learning opportunities to inform visitors about wider environmental issues such as climate change and sustainable development.

Working with others

We will

  • Continue to build on existing partnerships with local authorities, educational institutions and organisations.
  • Establish further partnerships where the Park facilities, operations and development projects can contribute to learning opportunities.
  • Work with these partners to ensure existing or future learning programmes, initiatives or facilities form a complementary and coordinated part of the Park wide learning offer.

Opportunities for learning

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