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Where are we now?

Volunteering is about taking part in an activity, without payment, often for the benefit of others, the community and the environment. Here at the Park, volunteering encourages involvement and participation: providing skills, improving wellbeing, and generating goodwill within the region.

There are currently four main areas of activity in the Park

1. Volunteers managed by us

Our volunteer programme enables people to contribute their time and effort to a range of initiatives within the Park.

2. Corporate volunteering

We also provide opportunities for external organisations to undertake group volunteering activities that can help team-building exercises and to meet their corporate social responsibility targets.

3. External voluntary sector organisations within the Park

This voluntary sector (often referred to as the charity sector or third sector) includes a broad range of charity organisations that operate in the Park, such as the RSPB, Wildlife Trusts, sports clubs, and community payback groups.

4. Friends of the Park

Friends of the Park are groups, operating from specific sites, encourage people to become involved in the management of the Park.

What do we want to achieve?

  • To become a venue for a broad range of volunteering activities.
  • To develop an appropriate infrastructure throughout the Park to support volunteering opportunities.
  • To continue to enhance and expand the current offer. This will include:
    • Our volunteer programme
    • Opportunities for the corporate sector volunteering
    • Opportunities for the wider voluntary sector organisations
    • Friends of Groups

How will we deliver?

On our estate

We will

  • Implement an ongoing incremental increase of our volunteer programme, both in numbers of participants taking part, and in the range of task types and locations within the Park.
  • Continue to target ‘hard to reach’ groups with our volunteer programme (i.e. groups within the community who may not typically be users of the Park, or who often take part in volunteering activities).
  • Implement a ‘Friends of Groups’ programme for specific sites throughout Park and for the Lee Valley Regional Park as a whole.
  • Develop our corporate volunteer offer, to create stronger partnership relationships with businesses, and to assist in the delivery of their corporate social responsibility aims.
  • Develop volunteer support nodes within our primary visitor facilities. These will provide changing facilities, food and drink, meeting/teaching space and tool storage.
  • Explore the commercial sponsorship opportunities to provide mobile toilets and welfare facilities.

Working with others

We will

  • Develop closer volunteering initiatives with other voluntary sector organisations to provide joint opportunities within our estate. This will include the Olympic Volunteer programme.
  • Work in partnership with other landowners to encourage their participation in volunteer programmes and initiatives.

Volunteering opportunities

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