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Sports Development

Where are we now?

Sports development is a core part of our local and regional offer. Our current sports development activities seek to:

  • Develop usage of our facilities and venues as capacity allows, and to focus on attracting regional users.
  • Continue partnership collaboration to develop pathways to improve performance levels.
  • Continue to work with partners to develop pathways to increase participation amongst underrepresented groups in sport.

Partnership work is fundamental to our sports development work. We offer a range of internal and external programs, including:

  • A variety of School club links for riding, golf, athletics, ice skating, cycling and orienteering.
  • Participating clubs in sports.
  • NGB coaching frameworks, sport training, and development of coaches.
  • NVQ provision of riding, athletics and ice skating.
  • National, Regional, and County or Borough, squad bases.
  • Major events such as orienteering competitions.

What do we want to achieve?

To build on a range of sports development programmes, focusing on those sports relevant to the existing and proposed sports facilities.

This will include built sport facilities and the range of open space and water based sport opportunities.

How will we deliver?

On our estate

We will

  • Continue to enhance existing sports development programmes within our own sports facilities, with the aim of increasing regional participation in those programmes, including:
    • Schools.
    • Sports clubs.
    • National Governing Body sport training and competition, coaching frameworks and development of coaches.
    • National, Regional and County or Borough squad bases.
  • Implement a similar range of sports development programmes for new (Olympic legacy) facilities within our ownership and management, including:
    • White Water Canoe Course
    • VeloPark
    • Eton Manor
  • Continue to develop a range of sports development programmes for open space and water-based sport.
  • Develop programmes, marketing and promotion in partnership with others to encourage participation in sports, recreation and physical exercise throughout the Park.

Working with others

We will

  • Continue to work in partnership with existing and future sports providers within the Park to deliver partnership and/or coordinated sports development programmes.

Sports Development

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