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Park Development Framework

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The Park Development Framework sets out the Park Authority’s aspirations for future development and management.

There are a number of core documents that make up the Park Development Framework:

  • Vision, Aims and Principles (published July 2010).
  • Objectives and proposals, which will be produced in two complementary documents. These focus on:
    • Thematic proposals (this document), setting out our proposals throughout the Park for each of our six aims - Visitors, Sport and Recreation, Biodiversity, Community, Landscape and Heritage, Environment.
    • Area Proposals, setting out our proposals for the Park on a more detailed location basis.

There is also a range of other documents that provide additional information to support the core documents identified above. This includes the Part 2 Area Proposals included in the adopted Park Plan 2000.

The Park Development Framework reflects our aspirations for the whole Park, and includes large areas of land over which we have no direct control. The framework documents therefore provide two functions: the strategic framework for our ongoing activities, and guidance for others involved in the development and management of land within the Park. The Authority is not a planning authority but

The Authority is not a planning authority but it has a range of powers and duties in relation to the statutory planning process. Section 14(1) of the Park Act requires the Authority to prepare a plan setting out proposals for the future management and development of the Regional Park. Riparian planning authorities are under a mandatory obligation to include those parts of the plan affecting their areas within their own relevant planning strategies and policies.

Our current plan of proposals is the Lee Valley Regional Park Plan adopted in 2000. The Park Development Framework will in time include proposals for all land within the Park, and will fully satisfy our duty to produce a plan of proposals as required under Section 14 of the Park Act. Once complete it will replace the Park Plan 2000. However the preparation and adoption of proposals for the entire area of the Park will take time, so a phased replacement of the Park Plan 2000 proposals with Park Development Framework proposals will take place, as and when specific areas of the Park are reviewed and proposals agreed. Where proposals from the Park Plan 2000 remain relevant, these will be incorporated into the Park Development Framework.

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