Lee Valley Regional Park

Park Development Framework

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A Park that is known and attracts visitors from across the region

Where are we now?

Over four million visitors enjoy the Park each year We use a range of marketing techniques to communicate with current and potential visitors, and with stakeholders, partners and benefactors. We undertake promotional activities throughout the year: seeking media opportunities, carrying out campaigns, producing regular bulletins, updates and briefings, appearing at conferences, seminars and exhibitions – and of course communicating all up to the minute information through our website..In addition, we produce supporting literature for each key site and for the Park as a whole.

What do we want to achieve?

  • To deliver a distinctive and memorable brand and identity that captures the core values of the Park, symbolises its uniqueness, and reflects its importance as a place to visit.
  • To create a brand and identity that instills pride in those landowners within the Park
  • To draw upon the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games as a focus for increasing the profile of the Park.

How will we deliver?

For the whole Park

We will

  • Prepare a comprehensive branding strategy that will help define an identity and brand for the Park as a whole.
  • Provide clear guidance on how the brand and identity of the Park Authority and our estate will relate to the whole Park brand.
  • Prepare design guidance for the visitor infrastructure throughout the Park (e.g. signage, furniture, materials etc). It is important that this guidance should:
    • Support the development of the Park as an integrated landscape entity.
    • Reflect and celebrate local distinctiveness
    • Promote the identity of the Park as a whole alongside individual landowner and manager identities, so as to encourage them to adopt and use the brand correctly and effectively.

On our estate

We will

  • Undertake a long term investment programme for new and replacement visitor infrastructure throughout our estate (to include signage, furniture, paths etc.).
  • Implement operational rebranding (to include printed material, web pages, uniforms, vehicle livery etc.).
  • Continue a range of marketing measures to build market presence and create further awareness of the Park brand.

Working with others

We will

  • Work with landowners and managers within the Park to implement an approach to visitor infrastructure that promotes the Park identity as a whole (alongside those of the individual landowner and manager identities).
  • Work with landowners and managers within the Park to develop a coordinated approach to the marketing of facilities, features and the visitor offer that is consistent with our Park identity and brand, and which meets a level of quality compatible with our standards.

Attracting visitors

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