Authority meetings

Authority Meetings

Meetings of the Authority and Committees are held in the Board Room at Myddelton House, Bulls Cross, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 9HG.

Papers for meetings are available on this website 5 working days before the meeting. Contact Committee Services on telephone nos. 01992 709806 or 709807 or email for information.


18 July 11.30am Executive Committee
22 August 10.30am Executive Committee - CANCELLED
19 September 11.30am Executive Committee
19 September 12.30pm Regeneration & Planning Committee
19 September 1.00pm Audit Committee
17 October 11.30am Executive Committee
17 October 12.30pm Regeneration & Planning Committee - CANCELLED
17 October 2.00pm Authority Meeting
21 November 11.00am Executive Committee
21 November 12.00pm Regeneration & Planning Committee
21 November 2.00pm Scrutiny Committee
19 December 11.30am Executive Committee


23 January 11.30am Executive Committee
23 January 12.30pm Regeneration & Planning Committee
23 January 2.00pm Authority Meeting
27 February 11.00am Executive Committee
27 February 12.00pm Regeneration & Planning Committee
27 February 12.30pm Audit Committee
27 February 1.30pm Scrutiny Committee
26 March 11.30am Executive Committee
26 March 12.30pm Regeneration & Planning Committee
23 April 11.30am Executive Committee
23 April 12.30pm Regeneration & Planning Committee
23 April 2.00pm Authority Meeting
21 May 11.30am Executive Committee
21 May 12.30pm Regeneration & Planning Committee
25 June 11.30am Executive Committee
25 June 12.30pm Regeneration & Planning Committee
25 June 1.00pm Audit Committee
25 June 2.00pm Scrutiny Committee
2 July 2.00pm Annual Authority Meeting


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