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Adopt a site: Supporting Lee Valley Regional Park for wildlife, heritage and people

Lee Valley Regional Park is 26 miles of award winning open spaces and sports venues set in a 10,000 acre park and was created by a unique Act of Parliament as a “green lung” for London, Essex and Hertfordshire in 1967. Our approach is to be community focused and commercially driven, to work with partners to produce a unique combination of activities, sights and experiences.

More about the scheme

The Authority’s scheme allows us to work with more partners in a range of new and exciting ways. This scheme will give partners the opportunity to own, shape and be a great part of what we do in looking after the parklands. We have created this new opportunity to support one of our open spaces or one of our biodiversity species thereby contributing towards many of our objectives. Adoption will support exciting projects such as creating new bird hides, bringing people back to nature, or experiencing nature for the first time, planting trees, making miles of pathways accessible to wheelchair users or planting sensory trails. 
The benefits of green space has been proven to have immeasurable benefits for people’s wellbeing, the economy and ecosystem services as well as providing valuable habitat for wildlife. These important places provide a release from the day-to-day city life of London where people can escape and feel free alongside nature amongst the backdrop of one of the busiest cities in the world. We know that our corporate adoption opportunities will encourage companies to get involved, support our work and make these spaces even more enjoyable.
Adoption allows you to pick your favourite location or species – truly supporting the environment for people and nature. We are offering adoption packages to corporate partners that are proud to give back to the environment and support and enhance our work in providing this valuable green space for the people and wildlife of London, Hertfordshire and Essex.
You can pick one of the sites listed or adopt one of our Biodiversity Action Plan species  -  Bittern, Otter, Water Vole, Kingfisher, Bats (all species), Orchids, Creeping Marshwort or Barbel.
We have lots of great projects that you can call yours.
Check out the available locations on our map
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