Lee Valley Ice Centre

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority unveils plans for a brand new ice skating destination

Lee Valley Ice Centre is hugely popular but, after 34 years of use, it’s showing its age and has reached its capacity. To ensure that visitors and the next generation of skaters can continue to benefit from this much-loved community hub and give more people the opportunity to participate in ice sports, we are planning a brand-new twin rink ice centre to replace the existing centre, and we’d like to get your views.
The existing Lee Valley Ice Centre provides hugely popular public skating sessions, is home to a thriving community of ice hockey teams and competitive figure skaters and supports hundreds of people to learn to skate every month. Many of these activities have large waiting lists of people who would like to participate but are not currently able to.
As well as providing opportunities for physical activity, Lee Valley Ice Centre is also a space for young people to meet and socialise. The ice disco, which operates every Saturday night is exceptionally popular, attracting hundreds of young people each week.
Above: Our current venue
Above : View of proposed new twin rink Lee Valley Ice Centre from Lea Bridge Road (Disclaimer - Artist's impression) Credit: FaulknerBrowns Architects and LDA Design

About the plans for a new ice centre

The new twin rink Lee Valley Ice Centre would double the amount of ice and would also expand the offer to include a gym and dance studio. It would operate in an entirely new way, acting as a gateway to Leyton Marsh and other award winning areas of Lee Valley Regional Park. The inclusion of a café and community spaces would open up the venue to all visitors to the area, providing a setting off point for walkers, runners and cyclists.
The surrounding landscape would be transformed, replacing areas devoid of ecological value with significant native planting. This would not only increase the wildlife in the area but would also be a vast aesthetic improvement. The new venue would be designed with sustainability at its heart, with innovative energy, construction and water re-use methods a key part of the designs.
Above : Illustrative view of landscape at entrance to proposed new Lee Valley Ice Centre and Leyton Marsh  (Disclaimer - Artist's impression) Credit: FaulknerBrowns Architects and LDA Design

Updates on the project

The consultation process came to an end on 1 September 2019. For updates on its progress please see leevalleyicecentre.commonplace.is/

If you have any questions on the plans, please contact LVIC@communitycomms.co.uk or call 0800 093 1716.



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