Partnership working

Partnership working

Our Sport and Active Recreation Team engage with a number of partners from across the public, private and voluntary sectors. Strategically we work with a vast array of organisations, including Sport England, whom we have a number of Lottery Funding Agreements with. 

We also aim to support all 56 Local Authorities across London, Hertfordshire and Essex and we do this through our extensive network of partnerships, particularly with County Sports Partnerships and National Governing Bodies of Sport.

If your organisation has similar strategic priorities and would like to discuss the potential of working collaboratively, please get in touch.

Case Study: Island House Community Centre

“Without the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Community Access Fund our young people would never have experienced this life changing project”.


“The weekly programme of ice skating, tennis and water wipe-out was an opportunity for young people at Island House Community Centre to engage with new sport activities, increase their physical activity levels and have fun with their peers. Without the ring fenced funding, many of the young people would simply not be able to afford to attend these facilities or have the social structures and relationships to-do so. 

The young people enjoyed the experience so much that they encouraged their friends to join Island House Community Centre so that they would be able to also take advantage of these opportunities. The centre’s involvement contributed to reducing social isolation and bringing young people together. The senior youth worker at Island House referenced how it inspired a handful of young people to subsequently start thinking about job prospects in the sporting field as a result of their experience. 

The participants were equally as positive, a 15-year-old boy stated it had been “the most fun I have ever had”, explaining how being active and taking on opportunities to learn new sports “helps me to be happy and a leader”". 




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