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Whether you're new to cycling, want to improve your fitness or are preparing for competition, we've structured our programme to make it easier for you to find the right session.


Experience cycling at Lee Valley VeloPark in our experience sessions. These sessions are ideal as one off experiences or to try a new cycling discipline for the first time. Our fully qualified coaches will teach you basic skills and let you build confidence on our tracks and trails. These sessions are for riders as an introductory session.


CoreStart sessions offer you key introductions to each of our disciplines. Ranging from BMX CoreStart to our four stage track accreditation process, these sessions will have you gaining confidence and mastering new techniques. These sessions are for riders as an introductory session.


These sessions are primarily to help you improve your cycling and increase your skill base. Whether you've been riding for years or have just started your journey as an intermediate or advanced cyclist, these sessions are sure to make you a more efficient rider.


If you cycle purely to maintain your fitness then our new Fitness sessions are for you. Prepare for sportives, charity rides or simply beat your personal best as you push yourself harder than before. These sessions are ideal for all riders although some track fitness sessions require a minimum level of accreditation.

Structured Quality Training 

Aimed at any accredited rider looking to build or maintain their cycling ability, whether for racing or general fitness, our SQT sessions use a mixture of physical drills and technical exercises to improve both your physical condition and your all-around riding ability.


All sessions are subject to height and age restrictions.

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