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Proud of our London in Bloom awards

Lee Valley Regional Park scoops eight London in Bloom Gold

Release date: 

29 September 2023

Eight sites across Lee Valley Regional Park have been awarded the highest Gold accolade from the prestigious London in Bloom Awards for 2023.

The eight sites to receive Gold, which is based on an assessment of 85% or above, are:

The newly constructed Lee Valley Ice Centre in East London, has been honoured with a special award for Best Biodiversity and Environmental Innovation. This cutting edge facility aspires to become the most sustainable ice venue in the UK by incorporating inventive architectural elements and investing £1.5 million in landscaping, planting, and environmental enhancements.

Sustainability is the focal point of this venue, seamlessly blending various landscape and ecological improvements into its design. These include the utilisation of solar panels, gabion baskets equipped with bird and bat boxes, green roofs, insect accommodations and shelters for hedgehogs. Moreover, the addition of 10,000 square meters of new native wildflower meadows and the planting of 181 native trees aim to support local wildlife and enhance biodiversity.

In an innovative approach, the venue ingeniously manages and repurposes ice meltwater to foster the growth of new vegetation and create thriving ponds. Additionally, rainwater collected from the roof, coupled with enhancements to nearby watercourses, plays a vital role in rejuvenating a formerly stagnant Ox Bow Lake on the River Lea. This transformation turns the lake into a dynamic, oxygen-rich water body.

Shaun Dawson, Chief Executive of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority said, “We are delighted to have retained these prestigious awards for our open spaces and to have received a new award recognising the landscaping and environmental innovations at our new Lee Valley Ice Centre. These awards are a fitting tribute to all the staff and volunteers at the Authority who work tirelessly to maintain these important open spaces.

These latest accolades come hot on heels of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority being awarded nine Green Flag Awards and one Green Heritage Award in July.

London in Bloom recognises the efforts made by individuals and organisations across Greater London to improve their local environment. The Authority’s sites were judged against parks and open spaces from across London, demonstrating the high standards to which they are maintained.

Lee Valley Regional Park’s green spaces are free to visit throughout the year, with thousands of acres to explore on foot, by bike or by river.


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