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Lee Valley Regional Park Authority is committed to making its website as accessible as possible to all users. The website has been developed with usability and special features to allow people with visual impairments to use the site.

If you require help about anything to do the Lee Valley Park Authority then please go to the contact us page or phone the information service on 03000 030 610.

Video and other flash players

Our video players are provide by third parties such a YouTube. Their player can accept some keyboard instructions to opperate the video. Other uses of flash on our site can be to view documents. These are also provided by third parties.

While we cannot be responsible for the level of control you can expect from these providers we have detailed the way you can use your keyboard to control these videos and viewers. We always try to make our content as accessible as possible for all our users and appreciate any feedback you may have for us to improve.

Videos and other flash movies, like the document viewers can be viewed in full screen but you will need to exit full screen, by selecting Escape, in order to use the controls. This is for security reasons as Adobe Flash does not support keyboard access in full screen.

Due to the way browsers and Flash content work together we can only guarantee you can tab into and out of Flash content from HTML in Internet Explorer. Adobe, the creators of Flash, are looking at a solution for this and we are looking at ways we can address this too.

Controlling text and colours in web browsers

Within browsers there are settings that can be chosen to help users view information on this website. Font sizes, styles, colours, and foreground and background colours of web pages displayed on a computer screen can be changed, even if the author of the web page has already specified these. The colour used to indicate links in web pages, or a special colour for links that are used only when the mouse passes over the link, can also be specified by the user. This is useful for users with impaired vision, who may need larger fonts or high-contrast colours.


The authority does not endorse the use of specific browsers. We have tried to ensure that as many of the browsers that are commonly used today have been catered for.


Some of the documents on our site are only available in PDF format. Some PDF format documents are not created by the Authority. Some PDF format documents are converted documents from our earlier websites.

Alternative file formats

Users requiring a file in an alternative format to that which is currently available on this website should contact us. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Contact us

If you would prefer to speak to someone or send us an email, please visit our Contact us section.


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File formats

We use the following non-html, or file formats, on our pages. If you don't have the software installed to use these formats you can use the following information to help you do so.


Portable document Format, by Adobe. Get the Latest Free PDF reader software from Adobe to view these files on your PC. Some browsers may open these files in a new window while others will prompt you to download the file to view offline.

.doc and .docx

Word Document, by Microsoft. to view these files we recommend installing the Word mobile app or storing documents in OneDrive or Dropbox, where Word Online opens them in your browser.

.xls and .xlsx

Spreadsheet document for viewing tabled data, by Microsoft. to view these files we recommend installing the Excel mobile app or storing documents in OneDrive or Dropbox, where Excel Online opens them in your browser.

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