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Plans and developments

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority has a mission and strategic business plan which will continue to transform the Regional Park into a world class visitor destination.


The key documents accessible on this page provide a valuable insight into our approach to developing and enhancing the unique and varied areas of the park.


Our vision is to create a premier destination that brings together the best of nature, sport and discovery. By working together with a range of public and private sector partners, while maximising value for money for the taxpayers of London, Essex and Hertfordshire, we will open up all of the Lee Valley, from the heart of the capital to the Essex and Hertfordshire countryside, so that it becomes a unique combination of sights, activities and experiences.


A key focus of our current work is to create a zone of sporting excellence within Lee Valley Regional Park. This will be made up of our existing sports venues and the three London 2012 legacy venues we own; Lee Valley VeloPark, with the iconic velodrome at its heart, which is the finest hub for cycling in the world,  Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, a premier location offering world class facilities in two sports and Lee Valley White Water Centre, near Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, the first 2012 venue to open to the public after the Games and the first to open before them. At the same time we will continue to manage and develop the park to ensure that it remains a thriving environment for wildlife and nature.

Development Project
Middlesex Filter Beds

Development Project
St Pauls Field

Development Project
North Wall Road

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