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Coppermill Area Scheme

We’re currently working with the London Borough of Waltham Forest to improve the area in Coppermill Lane.


Over the last few years, the council have been working on the Coppermill Area Liveable Neighbourhoods scheme, which aims to enhance the Coppermill area and make it easier and safer for people to choose sustainable travel such as walking, cycling and public transport. The scheme was subject to a public consultation in July 2019 – information on the scheme is here and the latest material is here.


The council have a plan to reduce traffic and encourage cycling and walking in this area. This is part of the Liveable London project.

Coppermill Fields car park on Coppermill Lane


The planned closure of Coppermill Field car park has been delayed and the car park remains open. We’re looking at going forward with this project and are confirming disabled parking facilities before we progress. Any updates will be posted on this page.



If you have any enquiries regarding the Coppermill Liveable Neighbourhoods scheme, please email

If you have queries about the car park, please email

Q&As for the closure of Coppermill car park


Why are you closing Coppermill car park?

In 2018, Waltham Forest Council was successful in securing initial funding from Transport for London (TfL) to develop a Liveable Neighbourhoods scheme in the Coppermill Area. The aim of the scheme is to encourage residents, businesses and visitors to use more sustainable modes of transport in their day-to-day lives, so that together we can reduce congestion, tackle air pollution and improve the health and wellbeing of local people.


To support this scheme and to reduce noise and air pollution and vehicle movements in the area, we will be closing our Coppermill Fields car park, which is located at the junction of Coppermill Lane and Cattle Creep Bridge.


The car park, which has 20 spaces (including two disabled bays) will be converted into an improved green space for visitors, with landscaping, new trees, grassed areas, cycle parking and seating for picnics.


There will be four disabled bays still available to use in the area for visitors with a Blue Badge.


More information on the Coppermill Area scheme can be accessed via


I use the car park as I have mobility issues, how will I visit the open spaces now?

There will be four disabled parking bays available at the same location, this is two more than were already there. These will remain free to use.


As the scheme promotes sustainable transport, we would like to encourage people to use more sustainable modes of transport to visit the area. There are a range of transport links and cycle routes nearby including Lea Bridge and Tottenham Hale train station.


If this isn’t an option, there are a number of other car parks in and around the area which provide access to the nearby open space. You can find them here.



It’s not practical for me to get to the park any other way, how will I enjoy the open space now?

As we say above, the scheme is about using more sustainable modes of transport to visit the area. If you do need to drive, there are car parks in other places such as Lee Valley Ice Centre.


Closing the car park may encourage more people to park outside of residential properties nearby, or block the road, what are you going to do to prevent this?

Waltham Forest Council’s parking enforcement team will be monitoring the area and will fine any drivers who are found to be breaking parking regulations.



Was there a public consultation about the scheme?

There have been numerous consultations, hosted by Waltham Forest Council ahead of the implementation of the scheme. This included surveys, drop-in sessions, pop up events in the area and workshops. In addition, a public consultation ran between 24 June 2019 and 14 July 2019 where the local community were invited to give their views via the digital engagement platform Commonplace.



What will the design be for the car park?

The design process is still ongoing but the new green space will be landscaped with added trees and grassed areas and will feature seating for picnics and cycle racks. If you have any ideas that you would like to submit for the space, please email

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