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Carpet of snowdrops at Myddelton House Gardens

Myddelton House Gardens Welcomes Back The Ultimate Snowdrop Sale

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15 November 2023

Hundreds of collectors set to descend on Enfield for popular event.

Event: The Ultimate Snowdrop Sale

Date: Saturday 27 January 2024

Time: 10:30 – 12:00 (Gates and The tearooms open at 07.00)

Price: £5 per person

Address: Myddelton House Gardens, Bulls Cross, Enfield, EN2 9HG

More information can be found at

The highly anticipated Ultimate Snowdrop Sale, is poised to return to Myddelton House Gardens on Saturday 27January 2024. The event, known for its popularity, offers visitors the opportunity to acquire an assortment of stunning and, in some instances, exceptionally rare varieties of Galanthus bulbs.

This annual event has become a focal point for horticulturists, gardening enthusiasts, and snowdrop collectors, drawing attendees from near and far to the charming location in Enfield, north London.

Snowdrops, heralded as one of the earliest harbingers of spring, are delicate, bell-shaped winter flowers that bloom as early as January or February, defying the prevailing weather conditions.

Snowdrop fanatics will 'collect' different varieties of the plant, which can come in an array of different sizes, shapes, colours and even petal markings, with the rarest variants often fetching thousands of pounds at auction.

Gardener, Gary Povey said: "We look forward to welcoming visitors from across the country to our Ultimate Snowdrop Sale this January. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer, there will be something to suit every budget and every garden, with prices starting from as little as £5."

In addition to perusing and purchasing an array of snowdrops, visitors can explore the Green Flag award winning gardens and marvel at the breath taking carpets of snowdrops that adorn the eight acre site in the borders, beds, and meadows.

Additionally, a visit to The Bowles Tea Room is highly recommended, where they open their doors at 07:00, offering a range of hot beverages, bacon rolls, and delectable lunchtime treats.

Myddelton House Gardens, the lifelong residence of Edward Augustus Bowles, a renowned self taught gardener and avid snowdrop collector, boasts a rich history. Bowles coined the term 'galanthophile' to describe a snowdrop enthusiast. To honour him, a rare snowdrop discovered at the gardens was aptly named Galanthus plicatus ‘E A Bowles.’

Accessible by train or bus, Myddelton House Gardens provides free parking for sale attendees. Admission to the event is £5 per person, while entry to the gardens remains free of charge; however, parking charges apply from 12:00 onward.

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