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St Paul's Field


St Paul’s Field is in the north of the park and is part of the Nazeing complex of lagoons, path networks and open parkland. As with much of the Park it is ex landfill and has a chequered history including some contamination. Part of the site has been sold and the proceeds will be used to develop new public access linking Meadgate Lane with Dobbs Weir road and providing a new route to link the Park Path through Nazeing.

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History of the site 

St Paul’s Field is a landfilled part of the Park which has not been developed or improved for any use up until now. It sits to the East of Nazeing North Lagoon which is the home for Broxbourne Sailing club. 


The eastern part of the site has been sold to the local company Lignacite. The Park Authority have retained the western part which borders the lagoon. This strip also facilitate the fishing club and there are a range of fishing platforms used along the eastern boundary of the lagoon. 


There is a small fisherman’s car park just off Meadgate road at the south of the proposed path development.  

You can see a map of the site here



The project proposes to develop a new footpath link from Meadgate Road to Dobbs Weir Road developing a new link to the Park Path and creating more open space for visitors to enjoy. 


Develop a landscape plan and proposal including: 

  • New path network  

  • Interesting features 

  • Resting points 

  • Fishing platform access 

  • Bridges over ditches  

  • New landscaping and wildlife improvements 


Funding for this project will come from the Authority’s capital fund and the project should be delivered over the winter of 2022/23. 

Head of Projects and Funding Delivery Lee Valley Regional Park Authority said: 

“We are delighted that we can now fund opening a new part of the Park that will link Meadgate Road with Dobbs Weir Road and the Park Path. We are excited to be working with Lanpro to develop an interesting and relaxing route through this unused piece of land.”

Concept designs are attached.

If you would like any further information or would like to comment on this project you can contact the Head of Projects on

Update July 2024

We continue to press ahead to deliver this project over the winter 2024/25. The process of discussing requirements for licencing with the Environment Agency continues. Due to levels issues it is likely now that we will need to allow 3 to 6 months for settlement once the path route has been capped. This will mean that the final laying of the path and public opening may now not take place until the spring of 2025. However, the procurement for a main contractor has commenced and we hope to have a contractor in place by early August. If all goes well we should see works starting at some point in August.

st pauls field_edited.jpg
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